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The following is a list of the major changes to this web over the last month, with the most recent changes shown first:

August 20th 1999
Wylde dynasty is posted. This family line has been contributed to THE DICKSONS NET by Nicholas Wylde who is researching this line. If you have a connection to the Wylde family please e-mail the webmaster and we will pass on your request to Nicholas.
August 20th 1999
In my personal library, I have over the years, collected over 100 books on family history, social history (the history of people and communities) and genealogy. It seems logical therefore to provide a list of what 'works for me' and what didn't. Each book will be reviewed and a page of information supplied including a summary of the chapters in the book. There is also a hyperlink from each book review to the on line Book Shop Amazon, where it is still possible to get hold of the book. When the book is out of print, enough information is provided to provide to a library who operate within an inter-library loan scheme. I have posted the first five reviews today in Recommended Books.
August 12th 1999
RootsWeb is by far the largest web site devoted to internet genealogy, you can do a SURNAME SEARCH of their huge database from here
August 10th 1999
Transportation of Convicts, especially to Australia was a dire event. For Irish convicts who received transportation convictions you can search the database from 1788.
August 5th 1999
Quayle dynasty posted. This line is traced back to the William Quayle & Elizabeth Pankenberg union. Includes family associations with Cook, Baxter, Wilson, Huxtable, Dickson, Turner, Ritchie, Richardson, Winters, Russell, Gilling, Hart
July 25 1999
New to Genealogy tutorial! This is still very much under construction, but always worth a visit.

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