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Sequitur ab Origine


There is no doubt in my mind that at some point in our research   endeavours we all need to turn to books for help or information.

Over the years I have amassed a creditable collection of books, and I confess to leaning on them a lot of the years.

It seems logical therefore to share with you the titles of the books that I have found to be worthy of adding to a personal collection, maybe you will think so to.

        I think that another point worthy of mention is that sometimes it took me some time to find these books, either attending Family History meeting bookstalls, or the frustrating trips to my local bookshop to place orders followed by the inevitable wait for the book to arrive. (Why is it your local book shop never has the book you want?). I have also found the British inter-library loan scheme to be an absolute blessing, often trying books before I purchased them, plus of course being able to read books out of print. Of course if you don't live in Britain that piece of information is somewhat limited!

Inevitably I eventually started to use the internet to purchase books and found that the speed of service exceeded my expectations, so I then started to shop around looking for the best prices.  So all in all I have been using the Internet to purchase books for about a year, and a logical extension for me is to pass on what I have discovered.


       The Dicksons Net is a completely independent series of web sites dedicated to sharing information (in fact it is totally paid for out of my monthly paycheque!). Throughout the network there are places where you can download free transcriptions of census records, tithe lists, school lists etc. It is also possible to download genealogy guides such as the acclaimed 'Easy Peasy Guide to Lancashire Maps'.

So it was logical for me to roll together the free downloads and book lists into a central area. To help with the books I have decided to link to the site of because they are offer more than 4.7 million titles, and they are a leader in electronic commerce.


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