The Dicksons Network, Sequitur ab Origine

Sequitur ab Origine

Don_Casual_Frame.gif (12614 bytes) Thank you for surfing THE DICKSONS NET ! and I sincerely hope that THE DICKSONS NET is meeting your expectations!

If there are any aspects of THE DICKSONS NET that you would like to contact me about, ideas for something new, or you have spotted an error somewhere please e-mail me at and I will attend to it and give you an update in a return e-mail.

THE DICKSONS NET  spans a couple of websites, and if you have not yet had an opportunity to read about the network, and would like to do so now, click here.

As most of the site is devoted to family history and genealogy in one form or another, I guess you might like to know that this is driven by my passion for the subject ... so much so that after completing a Masters Degree, I went back to university to study   Family History academically ... you can see the results of that at

To conclude this page, I just would like to reiterate that the objective of  THE DICKSONS NET is to share knowledge, so if you get time, do surf around the network and enjoy the data and information that is available.

Have a Great Surf !

Don Dickson  18 August 1999