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Sequitur ab Origine


The objective of the network is very simple.

To provide an on-line resource for anyone researching family history or 18th, 19th & 20th century histories of  communities within the British Isles.

Crest: British Lions around the shields of England, Scotland & Ireland, surmounted by the Stallion of Freedom. Motto: It follows from the beginning.

The network does this in the following way

  • Providing hyperlinks to useful genealogy and history webs
  • Providing hyperlinks to Government web sites
  • Providing hyperlinks to University web sites
  • Authoring a web-site focused on 19th century community history of the Cheshire Village of Kelsall as an example of what type of material can be made available for other researchers.
  • Authoring a family history web-site as an example of interweaving family history with external environment history.
  • Authoring tutorials for practical hands on internet family history activity.                                           (Return to Top)


This is the most advanced of the domains and publishes academic analysis of the 19th century community, or Township, of Kelsall. Located approximately eight miles east of the ancient city of Chester in the county of Cheshire, England.

Kelsall's population between 1841 and 1891 remained in the 600 - 680 persons level, and this part of THE DICKSON NETWORK provides the names, ages, family relationships and professions of all the inhabitants for each of the six censuses 1841 - 1891.

A project to determine the migration of persons born in Kelsall is also underway and will be published in due course.

An occasional series of publications, including analysis and names, so far published on this domain includes.

  • Kelsall Tithe Allocations 1832
  • Kelsall National School 1873

Also on this domain is the primary location for the descendents and associated family/genealogy of the union between William Dickson & Jane Hill (1840) Limerick, Ireland. The family genealogies include HASP(E)Y, HOLDING, BROOK(E)S, QUAYLE & WYLDE and research is still progressing on MURDON, FITZGERALD, TURNER, HILL, DALY, COSTELLO & DAVIES.  Within the Dickson genealogy are interwoven descriptions of 19th Century Limerick, Glasgow & Liverpool. The site also includes a précis of the 19th century activities of the PRINCE OF WALES LEINSTER REGIMENT                                                 (Return to Top)


From this domain it is possible to search

  • The whole internet for anything using the Alta Vista search engine
  • The whole internet for any DICKSON related web page
  • RootsWeb for any surname
  • Transported Irish Convicts from Ireland to Australia

Also from this domain you are able to search through the genealogy of the union of William Quayle & Elizabeth Pankenberg in Scotland in the mid 19th century.

There is a 'works-in-progress' tutorial on delving into family history research in the British Isles. This is not intended to be an 'on-line' text book, but more a version of basic facts and where to find out more.

There is a 'works-in-progress' for the Wylde family who originated in London in the 19th century.                                                        (Return to Top)


This domain hosts the 'Easy Peasy Guide to Lancashire Maps'.

The EPGLM is an on-line tutorial into how to get the best from the on-line 1829 Map(s) of Lancashire, including a hyperlink to the Lancashire Web Site, and instructions on how to download and work with the maps. It is also possible to download the guide to a local PC.

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If you are thinking of spending some money & need some professional IT support you can check out what my son gets up to. And if you have a passing interest in on-line music, then you can listen to the musical genius of his compositions. (I need to say that to keep the free IT support!)


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